Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Silent scream lost in the tides
Vacant church of sins
Fragile dreams of perverse rapture
Sorrow weepingly clings

Empty heartbeat soulless depth
Lover’s kiss forlorn
Bitter coldness spiteful wind
The night shall never dawn

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Alphabet soup


Fallen angel
Penchant sins
Bloodied hands
Never come clean

B – sleeping Beauty

Beauty in slumber
Pretty no more
Broken hearted
Worthless core


Deadly game
Of hide and seek
Catch the frail
And lynch the weak


Death brings us together
Sorrow in heart
Grievous pain
As it tears us apart


Here lies the body
Of a suicide man
Wanting to die
And I gave a hand


Opulence life
The children atone
Of fancier houses
But broken homes


Careless words of voiceless whisper
The headless dreamer mourns for her past
Lurid eyes of blinded faith
For all of truth from flesh to dust


Upon the gates of heaven
But to find no one there
Crushing all belief
Adding to despair


God black beckons
To shadowy light
Darkness so bright
Thou shall lose sight


Faded rose with broken thorns
Tender heart gone cold
Putting on a inane show
Sifting through the world

KKill joy

That tainted belief
We clingingly hold
To someday find
The truth unfold

Where do we run?
With all conviction gone
To persist with life
Or be haplessly torn?


Be enticed by her softness voice
Darkened dreams it brings
Never awake to the hurtful world
Listen when the voidness sings


Empty dreams
The imprudent sought
For all of think
But little thought


Sunken moon’s
Tragic call
Sweeping tides
Lovingly adore

Darkness breath
Nostalgic calm
End of days
Moon kill sun


One to me
Is night or dawn
One to me
Is right or wrong


Where there is life
There is pain
Only then
It keeps me sane


Too many answers
Too few question
Too much faith
Too little caution


Swirling drops
From vertical eye
Dance their dance
Of heaven’s cry


Far from salvage
Far from sane
With each passing day
All hope wanes


Broken chalice
Of choking tears
In them lies
All my fears


Abundance land
For a devout role
Spotless faith
But polluted soul


Veiled dictator
Democrat rule
Vote the vote
And live a fool

WWash away

Forgotten words of a lover's song
Weepingly sculptured in timeless sand
Gone with the tides of coming surf
Reminisce past in delusion lands

X – sorrow X

Death of one
Tragic scene
Death of all
By every mean


Dearly past
That glorious fame
All be gone
In the name of shame


For all of zeal
The religious preach
The poor be poor
The rich be rich

For all of sight
To never see
The blind be blind
The dead be free

Friday, April 07, 2006

X Collect 2


Wad of belief
The foolish cry
When all they see
Are nothi
ng but lies

Ignorant bliss
Not for long
Crushing faith
The nightmare dawns

Painted black
With despair
Fragile heart
Death shall tear

Empty Full

Why even struggle?
On life already damned
Or do yer not see
That wretched end?

Far from salvage
Far from sane
With each passing day
All hope wanes

Goodbye to life
Haplessly cruel
Being empty
I finally feel full

Pray For Night

Listen to silence
Of sleepless dead
Starving souls
May they be fed

Deathly hymn
In sorrow ways
Whisper breath
Sing of decay

Sleepless dead
Frozen sight
Awaiting darkness
They pray for night

~ sorrow x~

Monday, March 27, 2006

X Collect

Chaos Sanctuary

Upon the night
Crying rain
Flooded seas
Of mind insane

Shambled soul
Forever loom
Tangled up
In mental cocoon

Putrid flowers
In deathly trance
Shadow symphony
In agony I dance

Drowning Sleep

Bodies in my backyard
Frozen in soundless scream
Haunting ghosts in the attic
That dreadful clawing dream

Drowning tears of grief
The eyeless wildly bleed
Pregnant womb of filth
The dead hungry feed

Fading distant sobs
Of a pallid headless child
Mouth full of secrets
To never able tell


Silent tears
Of angel cry
Subtle carols
Faintly sigh

Whisper death
The fallen loom
Forgotten echoes
In moldy tomb

Dusty throne
Bow to hon
Of a god
Long since gone

~ sorrow x ~

Saturday, February 18, 2006



Gold-fleeced Ram
Commencing spring
Ruled by mars
War thou brings

Sacrifice lamb
To odious rage
Ensnared within
Temper’s cage

Sight be blind
By anger mist
Never to find
That obvious gist


Death star Venus
Bringer of blight
Mask of Zeus
Toro white

Grievous resent
Callous heart
Denial peaks
Pitiable carp

Tearful remorse
Futile hide
All to save
Such little pride


Heavenly twins
Unite in bane
Death of one
Mournful pain

Tempest moods
To never still
Conflict tides
Succumbing will

Side of light
Ethical turf
Assimilate by
Darkness half


Summer’s breath
Crustacean claw
Vain thou halt
Of Hydra’s fall

Amidst rose red
Lie the thorns
Sensitive beau
In ghastly form

Speak of heart
Anguish clamor
Sorrow words
Gothic manner


Samson’s mane
Glorious rays
For thy strength
A price to pay

Beckoning lust
Delilah’s call
Upon the virgin
Sun shall fall

Bullish hunger
To ever scour
Avarice gold
Fictitious power


Lady harvest
Giver plenty
Upon the lands
Oblivious many

Finicky nature
Critic tongue
Deliverance good
Bequeathed harm

Blasphemy heaven
Demonic flood
Lustful feast
On menstrual blood


Goddess Themis
Justice scales
Forlorn sigh
Autumn’s hail

Hesitant psyche
Wanton soul
Enmeshed within
Eros’ hold

Gullible fool
Prudence frowns
In dark orgasm
Angels drown


Canine howl
Light of moon
Tarots show
Impending doom

Silent tread
Vindictive sting
Upon the road
Of no redeem

Wad thou sow
So shall reap
Feed yer fill
On poison meat


Lunar thirteen
Jupiter glow
Guiding light
Centaurian bow

For beginnings
Forgotten end
Achievement noth
Chaotic plans

Careless archer
Blinded kill
Own beloved
Blood shall spill


Mark of winter
Fish form Pan
Flee thy wrath
Of Typhon’s hand

Pessimist mind
Fate thou yield
Flawed belief
Fate thou sealed

Drench thy heart
In dark misery
Morbid morose
Utter melancholy


Water maiden
Bearer to Gods
Them be knownst
The Reptile Lords

Fill them cups
With bloody wine
In perversity
She shall dine

Raven indulge
Rebellious ways
Stairway ruin
Far not lays


Bonded unison
Mother and son
Aphrodite Heros
Aquatic one

Secretive being
Hidden thoughts
Vileness birth
Devious sort

Treacherous surge
Imminent doom
Watery grave
Silence tomb

~ sorrow x ~

Thursday, January 05, 2006



For this sin
In hell yer boil
In the richness
Velvety oil

Born with noth
The fat lady sings
Where death leads
Nothing to bring


Jealously green
Grief be bare
On thou neighbor
Grief declare

Opulent riches
Optical rape
Fan the flames
Of burning hate


Upon the fare
Heavenly wine
With abandon
Man to swine

But to cross
That invisible line
What goes in
Comes out in time


Beauty form
Countless face
On the screens
Presence grace

When all is gone
Wrinkled old peel
Hope there is
For the plastic heal


Bitter talons
Men of rule
Upon the masses
Slave fit fools

May God thou
Bless the meek
For they are
Truly weak


Deliberate flow
Sands of time
Night comes forth
Day behind

Flute of Pan
Dreamy notes
Bag of weed
Intoxicating float


Redden fury
Demon hate
Restraint lost
Mental raped

Berserker eyes
Hell unfold
Burning fire
Bloody cold

~ sorrow x ~

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Tarots Again


Fertile womb
Child comes forth
Joy at first
Doubt it morphed

Smother with kiss
Vacillating frown
Unwanted birth
Offspring I drown


Ever tightly
We embrace
Never sick
Of other’s face

Of new love
Forced us part
Murder did I
And kept his heart


Sign screams out
The letters cry
On road it leads
Satan’s lie

Still I sped
Through the gloom
Over the cliffs
Of Impending doom


Fate I spun
On thy wheels
Of cursed fortune
May they reveal

Sight be shaded
Round it goes
Afraid to glance
Wad future holds


Lion maiden
To calm the beast
Serenade song
Each breath heaves

But burden be great
She shoulders alone
Hunger of beast
She alone atones

To flee constraints
Upon each try
Deep within
Another part dies


Flocks of dark
At grounds to hang
Fate determined
Life condemned

Feed on eyes
As they were bread
For nothing more
Than hanging dead


Humane heart
Filled with greed
Foul creative
In it breeds

Yield did I
Debauchery calls
Selfish pits
Endless I fall


From tower heights
Through air I fall
Grasp nothing
Flail arms claw

Upon the ground
To never hit
Endless hell
Of screaming fits

Face of death
Is nothing new
But wait of death
Is wad seems cruel


Star light
Star bright
Across the sky
Take flight

I wish I may
I wish I might
But all yer gave
Me more blight


La Luna hangs
High above glade
Wane some nights
Reaper’s blade

Nocturne beauty
Be yer enslaved
Lead the blind
Upon own grave


Giver of life
Giver of light
Giver of day
Balance set right

But in time
Dim yer will
Upon the lands
Shall chaos kill

For to create
In time be damned
Cycle runs
Accord to plan


The end of days
The end of nights
Judgment comes
Sinners’ fright

Heavens open
Horns declare
God never came
Was never there


All be conscious
All be waves
From the depths
Of vortex maze

Born from sin
Born from lust
Black devours
Return to dust

~ sorrow x ~